I am so excited that you are here! It means you are interested in my art. I am a lifestyle video and photo producer . I love to film major life events and wrap them into a beautiful keepsake for people to enjoy forever. Whether it’s a wedding, an extreme sport project or an advertisement. With 15-16 years in business, up-to-date equipment and excellent techniques. If the photographer can work alone, the videographer needs a team, because one person can`t catch all emotions of the event. My team is my family, wife and daughter. They know their work perfectly. For 14 years we worked in Ukraine and about two years ago we moved to Bulgaria and now we continue to create videos and photos here. Over the years,we have been incredibly blessed to meet so many amazing clients and have been given the precious privilege of capturing their unforgettable memories. It’s truly an honor and honestly, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.We would be honored to be a part of your big day.

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